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NULLs in Dimensional Modeling

As a rule, it is impossible to always replace NULLs with some other default representations either in Dimension tables or Fact tables. Here are the possible scenerios:

1. ‘Data Not Available’ kind of values can be assigned to a column in a dimension table only if the data type of that column is string of 18 characters at least. A table usually has mix and match of data-types for its columns, not every column can get a default string value so long. So, I experimented with NULLs for numeric columns (because anything other than NULL can have an unintended meaning) and ‘N/A’ for string columns till I hit upon string columns of data type char(2), char(1) etc. And then I ended up using ‘-‘ as my default for the char(1), ‘–‘ for char(2) and ‘N/A’ for all other strings.

 2. For fact tables, you have four things to take care of:

  • Non identifying foreign keys: should be replaced with -1, -2, -3, etc (these are surrogate-ids of the dimension record in case of no match).
  • Identifying foreign keys: Can’t be null by definition.
  • Degenrate dimensions: Depends: same criteria as dimension table attributes.
  • Measures: Can be and should be null when no value is known/available.

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